Welcome to the Kimballs website!

Drummer Michael Mark and singer Tom Burns started making music together before they were old enough to drive.  They named their band after a girl whose record collection they admired.  In college they met up with indie rock guitar slinger Alan Tepper, and after a twenty year audition, they asked him to join the band.  THE KIMBALLS instinctively tap into 70's - 80's AM radio pop, which is updated and abbreviated by their stripped-down, post-punk DIY ethic.  Influences include Lou Reed, Warren Zevon, Nick Lowe and Television.

THE KIMBALLS have performed internationally, have had soundtrack placement in award-winning independent films, have been added to CMJ Top 10 rotation on college radio and have been name-dropped in the critically-acclaimed, young adult graphic novel SO PUNK ROCK.  The band has just released an album of 12 brand new songs, their eponymous power pop masterpiece, THE KIMBALLS.